Best Practice

Title of the Practice: “Best Entrepreneur of College” 

Objective of practice:

The goals of holding our college’s “Best Entrepreneurs Competition” are diverse. It includes fostering entrepreneurship, practical experience, skill development, reward and recognition, feedback and improvement, confidence-building, inspiring innovation culture, and supporting sustainable and social entrepreneurship.

The Context: 

The competition aims to foster students’ ingenuity, originality, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Students can refine their business abilities, such as idea generating, market research, company planning, and presenting techniques, on this platform.


The practice:

  1. Idea Submission:
    • Invite students to submit their business ideas for the competition.
    • Encourage a diverse range of ideas across various industries.
  2. Selection Process:
    • Establish a judging panel consisting of faculty.
    • Evaluate ideas based on innovation, feasibility, market potential, and social impact.
    • Results are prepared after cost and benefit analysis of candidates.
  3. The Event:
    • Organize a grand event where shortlisted teams present their business ideas with a physical stole of its product or service to the judging panel and a larger audience.
    • Include Q&A sessions to assess the depth of the teams’ understanding of their business concepts.


  • The award prize to the winning team is its cash earned money by selling their products and services, 
  • Participants are being provided certificates of participation.

Problems Encountered:

Low Participation because of lack of awareness or interest in students. Teams struggled due to inadequate preparation or lack of understanding of business concepts.


Title: “Book Review”


By organizing a book review competition our goal is to inform readers about the purposes and qualities of a literary work, catering to both general and specialized audiences.

The Context:

Book review is one of the competitions organized by ADK library department, keeping in mind that today’s generation is in era of 5G.  Book reading and writing practice lagged far behind. So this is an initiative to enhance students reading and writing habit.

The practice:

The practice started with a general notice to student of all the stream and semester to participate in the Book Review Competition. Students were allowed to select English, Marathi and Hindi language books for review. The Book Review required a minimum of 2 pages. They were given 4 to 5 minutes for presentation. Favorite character or characters in the book, and reasons why they liked or disliked them. A description of the part of the book they liked most and why it appealed to them. The best reviews written by the students were shortlisted and certificates were provided for the winners. During Covid Pandemic, it get difficult to organize this competition

Evidence of Success:

The Library members’ initiative has proven to be relative success in the regular attendance of the students.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

How to convince today’s generation to read a full book and write the review of it is itself a big problem.