Research Policy

We at, Anandibai Damodar Kale Degree College of Arts And Commerce envision the idea of creating a healthy environment for research for faculties and students. Research activities are motivated and promoted by providing required assistance and facilities. Research policy serves as an outline within which research activities are to be carried out.

  1. To develop a positive research attitude for enhancing a good quality research.
  2. To encourage faculty members to undertake collaborative research projects and to get them sanctioned by National Funding Agencies.
  3. To motivate and assist Faculties and Students in preparation, presentation and publication of research papers and in undertaking research initiatives.
  4. To provide necessary infrastructural support like technology to take up research projects.
  5. To provide Duty Leave, travel grant and required assistance in order to enhance the research activities of faculties.
  6. To organize seminars, workshops, FDPs, conferences to develop skills related to research among the faculties and students.
  7. To provide required data and information to the faculties and students to take research initiatives.