Disbaled Policy

The right to education centres on the necessity of inclusive education, which guarantees students’ right to an education that meets their requirements even in the case of learning disorders and other recognized learning challenges. All students of Anandibai Damodar Kale Degree College of Arts and Commerce are accorded equal chances in accordance with the University’s requirements. This was intentionally done to foster a welcoming and nurturing environment.



  • To guarantee that students with disabilities are afforded equal chances to pursue their academic aspirations.
  • To meet the pedagogical requirements of students with learning difficulties by offering a supportive and encouraging environment.
  • To end all forms of stigmatization and segregation so that they can develop into self-assured people.



  1. Disabled Friendly western toilets,
  2. Walking ramps,
  3. Walker wheel chairs,
  4. Built environment with ramps/lifts for easy access to classrooms. 
  5. Disabled-friendly washrooms.
  6. Signage including, lights and display boards