Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Anandibai Damodar Kale Degree College of Arts & Commerce is deeply dedicated to motivate our Faculties and Students to enhance their morale in teaching and research. It has always been a great aim of the institution to develop the knowledge and skills of faculties and students in the field of research and innovations. IPR is concerned with brainstorming, exchange of ideas, expert’s guidance etc. Faculties and students are guided to bring their ideas into reality.


  • Motivating faculties to attend Seminars, Workshops and Lectures on IPR.
  • Create and finalize procedures, and forms for the implementation of the IPR policy.
  • To facilitate the inventors with the required information, technological support for their IPR.
  • To enable and favor the empowerment of women through the creation of value for innovation and development of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • To encourage the inventors and researchers involved in R&D and help them by protecting their rights.
  • To protect the Intellectual Property Rights of Anandibai Damodar Kale Degree College of Arts and Commerce and the Inventors, from unfair practices through legal and technical support.
  • To promote publications by protecting the works of the inventors.