E Governance Policy


Technology has been a boon to academic institutions in the field of education, which helps to streamline governance systems and maintain a better quality of education. Good governance can be termed as the ability to address the challenges and need of the current situation. E-Governance policy of an institution is for the purpose of enhancing the system of governance for development of institute through new and advanced technologies. It aims at planning and enabling any infrastructure for the deployment of cutting-edge applications and deployment of solutions for seamless administration of the institute. Hence our college has designed an e-governance policy with the primary objective of implementing e-governance in various operations, transactions and services of the institution for better efficiency, transparency and accountability. The college prioritise to adopt paperless administration as a green initiative

All stakeholders are oriented and encouraged to practice e-governance and automation of mant processes. This policy shall apply to the administration, Finance & Account, Student admission, Examination and many such sections of the institute.



The scope of this policy includes following areas

  • General administration
  • Student admission
  • Examination
  • Library
  • Accounts and finance
  • ICT infrastructure



  • Implementation of E-governance in effective functioning of the institution.
  • Reduce the usage of paper in administration of the institution. To improve transparency and accountability.
  • Providing online internal and external communication between various executive bodies of the institution.
  • To achieve the aim of being an environmental and user-friendly institution. Facilitate easy access to the information and to maintain the data on a secure environment.
  • To implement automation in library facility
  • . Making the institution visible to the stakeholders globally by the use of digital media.
  • To provide e-facilities to students, teachers, Alumni and Parents in various activities relating to the institution.
  • Achieving paperless administration of the institution.