Green Campus Policy


Green campus initiatives refer to sustainability policies and programs that educational institutions adopt in order to reduce their environmental effect, encourage sustainability, and establish a more eco-friendly and healthy campus community.

  • Green campus programs aim to achieve several objectives such as sustainable transportation, biodiversity, energy efficiency, water conservation, trash reduction and recycling, and green areas.
  • To teach students to be future leaders in sustainability and environmental stewardship, 
  • To improve the educational environment and make it more ecologically conscious.


Practical Principles –

  • ADK’s campus is home to a different variety of endogenous plants and trees. The institution has a collection of multiple medicinal plants which makes it a garden of medicinal plants.
  • Plant saplings in the gardening areas of the campus, planting saplings in the public places, cleaning the public places and creating awareness among the public. 
  • A green club is formed which conducts green activities.
  • The institution has eco-friendly architecture. Sunlight spreads very well here and campus is very airy too. This is the reason  a good quantity of electricity has been saved. 
  • Single used plastic is banned campus. Using of steel dishes, teapots and glasses in canteen has been promoted. 
  • ADK provides good quality training to its House-keeping staffs.
  • We have a pedestrian-friendly pathway.
  • A municipal garden in front of college gives an extension to its landscaping with trees and plants.
  • We have college social media handles- Instagram, YouTube and Facebook chain, which helps to make our campus paperless.
  • NSS department enhances environment sustainability and cleanliness through multiple tasks within its working hour’s e.g.  prepares paper bags and distributes them around and cleaning beaches before and after Ganpati festival.
  • ADK cultural Committee  celebrates Green day, Earth day and Greening our future day in its campus.
  • Trying to keep Mumbai by conducting seminar ‘Green Mumbai initiative’.

Educate Students Go Green :-

  • Use reusable water bottle with you,
  • Unplug: curtail energy usage,
  • Watch your water uses,
  • Use the LED desk light for study,
  • Walk as much you can etc.