Energy Policy

Anandibai Damodar Kale Degree College, Borivali (W) has an Energy Usage Policy that aims to manage energy in a way that minimizes its impact on the environment. In order to lighten the load on the government and identify alternative natural resources to address the energy issue, the strategy suggests investigating renewable energy sources. Every element of the organization is required to abide by this energy and environmental policy. It will assist us in realizing our obligations and committing to the protection and responsible use of natural resources by assisting us in integrating efficiency and environmental consciousness into our daily operations. 


  • To evaluate our energy use and quantify the environmental effects of it.
  • To save energy by installing LED lighting and to implement further steps to consistently enhance our energy usage.
  • To promote the adoption of cutting-edge technologies to reduce noise, pollutants into the    atmosphere, and energy use, especially from our fleets of vehicles.
  • To actively collaborate with local organizations in the fields of the environment, energy efficiency, and sustainable development, as well as to have conversations with government agencies, municipal corporations, and the affiliated institution.
  •  Keeping an eye on new energy and environmental challenges and responding to them. To improve our own environmental performance, we want to strengthen the environmental knowledge and abilities of our staff and students. 
  •  To offer opportunities for training and information on energy-saving techniques.
  •  Providing chances for staff members and students to participate in environmental advocacy.

Students will be informed about this policy through internal means, and it will be accessible to all interested parties on the university website. Under the direction of the college principal, the Green Club members will regularly examine the environment and energy policy, objectives, and targets.


  • ADK’s campus is home to a different variety of endogenous plants and trees.
  • We have collection of multiple medicinal plants which makes it a garden of medicinal plants. 
  • Plant saplings in the gardening areas of the campus, planting saplings in the public places, cleaning the public places and creating awareness among the public. 
  • Using natural sunlight, as our campus is very sunlight-abundant well-ventilated, and saving energy in our institution 
  • Zero single used plastic is banned in our campus.
  • Even we are using steel dishes, teapots and glasses in our canteen. 
  • ADK provides good quality training to its House-keeping staffs. 
  • We have pedestrian-friendly pathway. 
  • A municipal garden in front of college gives an extension to its landscaping with trees and plants.
  • A green club is formed which conducts green activities.  
  • We have college social media handles- Instagram, YouTube and Facebook chain, which helps to make our campus paperless.

Educate Students Go Green e.g.  :-

  • Use reusable water bottle with you,
  • Unplug: curtail energy usage,
  • Watch your water uses,
  • Use the LED desk light for study,
  • Walk as much you can